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Join us Tuesday, January 31, 2023 for Friends & Family Day to see what CrossFit Souhegan has to offer!

Our classes run one hour in length, during that time our world class coaches will led you through a warmup, explain the workout and get your ready, make any modifications needed, so you get the most out of your hour, then, after the workout lead you through stretches so your ready for anything.

We know it can be overwhelming and intimidating to start something new, that's why we do friends & family day. A day specific for those new to CrossFit, where you won't be the only new person in class! 

Fill out the form below to reserve your spot!
*Can't make it on Jan. 31st? That's ok, fill out the form and we'll find a different time that works for you! 


Thanks! Message sent, see you soon!

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