Sarah Fasciani


Sarah believes that everyone should always be “moving” from the very young to the elderly, that’s what drew her to CrossFit so much — the ability to scale for every walk of life. 

Eric Fasciani


What has motivated Eric more than anything else in his career is the belief that fitness carries over to all aspects of life. Perseverance, integrity, dedications, sacrifice, self-control, honesty, and commitment are all best and easiest learned through fitness.

Zach Rowland


What Zach loves the most about CrossFit is the welcoming and supporting nature of the community. Whether you are a high school student, grandparent, professional athlete, or couch surfer, anyone is welcome, and everyone is capable!

Jenny Morello


Nothing makes me happier as a Coach than seeing that relationship and love of CrossFit grow within each member. To see people work hard every day towards their goals is something I am so blessed to be a part of.

Tracy Gray


I love the idea that Fitness is for everyone- you don't have to be “athletic” to crush a CrossFit workout. Anything can be modified or scaled and you can still get an amazing workout.The people are phenomenal and totally make going to “work”more fun than anything!

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