180314- "Zachary James Dyer"

Specialist Zachary James Dyer, born 3/14/1992, deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan from 7/19/2012-4/15/2013 with the 449th Engineer Company, 478th Engineer Battalion as a combat engineer. Upon his return from Afghanistan, Zach was instrumental in building Big Four CrossFit with his parents. He was an excellent coach and held CFL2 and Olympic Weightlifting certifications. He constantly urged athletes to "surprise yourself" when they would be hesitant to try a new skill or a heavy lift. Zach was well known for his constant smile and physical strength. However, he secretly battled PTSD and ultimately lost that fight. He is survived by his bride, Tyleigh Dyer; his parents Rod and Kelley; his sister and brother-in-law, Molly and Ben Retherford and his nephews Finn and Forrest and niece Willow; his brother and sister-in-law Sgt. Ethan and Emilee Dyer and many other family members and friends.

Pre Class Mobility: Quad pin and stretch Front Rack PVC

Warm up: Partner Junk yard dog Power Clean Breakdown Build to WOD weight

WOD: 23min AMRAP Rx: 3 Power Cleans (225/155) 14 HSPUs 9 Front Squats (225/155) 2 Muscle-ups Scaled: 3 Power Cleans (80%) 14 Push-ups 9 Front Squats (clean weight) 2 Burpee Pull-ups

Mobility: Circle-up

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