200724 - “Vanessa Guillen”

This memorial workout is dedicated to US Army Soldier Vanessa Guillén who went missing from Fort Hood Army base on April 22, 2020. Her remains were discovered in a rural section of Bell County, TX, over two months later, from an apparent homicide. Born on September 30, 1999, Guillén was a small-arms repairer assigned to Support Troop, Engineer Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment. A private first class when she disappeared, she was promoted to specialist effective July 1, based on time in service, according to Fort Hood.

Warm up: Cardio Shoulder Progressions Dry Run

WOD: 20min AMRAP Rx & Sport: 22 Push-ups 22 Pull-ups 22 Burpees 22 Sit-ups Scaled: 22 Incline Push-ups 22 Ring Rows 22 Burpees 22 Sit-ups

Mobility: Lat Pole Pec Pole DD/Cobra

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