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7 Obstacles that might stop you from achieving your New Years resolution.

#1 - Assuming it will automatically happen by signing up for a gym. It takes a lot of work to make changes to your health and physique. Signing up is the easy part, and honestly you can make almost any fitness program work, the key is to find something that fits your needs, something you enjoy, and something you will be consistent with. Keys to make sure you get results:

- Pair it with a nutrition program that you stick to 100%.

- Be consistent by working out a minimum of 3-4 days a week.

- Make sure it’s challenging, you should be uncomfortable - change happens outside the comfort zone.

- Commit to it for at least 3 months before you even consider “is it working or not”

- Get specific. Stay away from thinking/saying broad things like “I’m going to eat better from now on” or “I’m going to be more active from now on”.

#2 - Don’t know how. The simple truth is you either need to hire a professional to help you or do some serious research to make sure you know what your best use of time is and how to do exercises safely. There is a lot to learn about fitness and health. Knowing proper form, when to do what movements, the amount of weight/reps, what to eat, etc. It is going to take an investment on your part - either finding good resources and spending the time teaching yourself, or hire someone that knows what they are doing. Books, seminars, online research… there are endless resources out there and unfortunately a lot of it is junk. Stick to the simple stuff and the scientific method backed studies to avoid gimmicks. We offer a free 20min “No Sweat Intro” if you need help on where/how to start - schedule that HERE.

#3 - “It’s not the right time” excuse. This is a very common hurdle for achieving results.There is no better time than now. The longer you wait to do something the more likely it won’t happen. Just start NOW. Your future self will thank you.

#4 - Afraid to make mistakes/look bad. This is a common one, especially when it comes to CrossFit or group classes. Thinking you need to be “fit” to start a fitness program is ridiculous but a common misconception. We have had people almost 400lbs in our classes, people missing limbs, and people in wheel chairs. If you don’t let fear get in the way you will find everyone is supportive (at our gym at least - if not they aren’t welcome back) and you will feel right at home after a few classes.

In general mistakes can be our best teachers. Don’t fear them, expect them and learn from them. So what if you might look bad and foolish at some points, no one that matters cares. People that matter can see you are trying and will be happy for you.

#5 - Not inspired or motivated. Motivation can’t be counted on to get you in the gym, because there will be days you don’t have any. Commit to routines that you stick to NO MATTER WHAT so that when the motivation isn’t there your routines work like an autopilot that kick-in and get you to the gym.

#6 - I’ll never look as good as her/him - what’s the point? This is purely ego. You may never be the best, but you can be better and you can LEARN from the best. Great people share what they know, and you can only learn from those ahead of you. Don’t let the need to be the best/perfect prevent you from trying or progressing.

#7 - I thought it would be easier. Fitness wont fall into your lap, it is going to be hard work, take dedication, and be uncomfortable. Know you can get the results you want, but also know it will take time and sacrifices.

Click if you would like to try a free class or schedule a “No Sweat Intro” with one of our professional trainers!

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