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“CrossFit is WAY too expensive”

Sure, this may be the case for some people. I understand that there are plenty of people out there literally choosing between paying their utility bill or feeding their family; this article is not for them.

For the majority of us, what we spend our money on comes down to a matter of priorities and what we see value in spending our hard earned dollars on. In this instance, CrossFit is ABSOLUTELY NOT too expensive. Here’s why:

First off, CrossFit as a training methodology is quite literally 100% free. CrossFit HQ posts a workout for free on their website every single day, the foundational movements are demonstrated for free on the CrossFit website and YouTube, and even the Level 1 training guide is available for free to download. That being said, a CrossFit gym costs money because that’s the way the world works. Sure, I could pull my own rotted tooth out, but I’d feel much better paying a dentist to do it correctly and safely.

Next, there is always the comparison of your traditional gym membership rate of anywhere from $10-$50 per month. Yes, this is much cheaper than a CrossFit gym membership; however, it really is comparing apples to oranges at that point. Sure, they are both gyms in which fitness can take place. However, at a traditional gym, you pay for using the space and the equipment on your own and that is all. Not to mention that the owners literally do not want you to show up to workout. At a CrossFit gym, you pay for professional training and results. The comparison is to the cost of personal training, not at all to the cost of your traditional machine-filled gym. At our month-to-month membership cost of $179/month, if you are to workout 4 days per week, that averages out to approximately $11.20 per class. That means, you reap the benefits of personal training for $11.20 per session. Even less when you commit for 12 months or pay in full for a number of months. A typical cost for personal training on the low side might be $65 per session. Let that math sink in for a second. That’s right, a CrossFit gym membership is a gosh-darn BARGAIN when you look at it this way.

Lastly, let’s take a peak at some not-so-necessary spending that takes place in the average American household each month. These numbers were drawn from articles on and Eventbrite:

$262.84 on dining out

$150.25 on clothing or clothing services

$242.75 on entertainment

$162 per week on nightlife (bars, clubs, shows, concerts, etc.)

$100 on cable

Again, this goes back to what you prioritize and place value on. Is it worth it to you to cut back a bit on going out to dinner or going out drinking in order to receive professional fitness training and push off the nursing home for as long as possible?

All in all, we know that not everyone can afford a CrossFit membership, but most people can if they prioritize and value their health. Exercising is a proactive approach to health. Would you wait until there is an issue with your car before you changed the oil? No, you do it every “X” amount of miles to prevent against it breaking down. Same goes for your body and exercise.

Ready to make your health a priority? Schedule your free trial class or No Sweat Intro today!

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