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Reasons Gym XYZ offers “X-Fit” for way less…and Reasons Not to Take the Bait

CrossFit sparked the functional fitness movement that has created a real shift in the fitness industry. More and more gyms are searching for ways to offer this style of training to their members to cater to the demand for it. However, athletes (or potential clients, as other places may refer to you as) beware that though the lower price compared to the CrossFit gym down the street is tempting, you may be signing up for a sub-par program for a not so discounted price when it’s all said and done.

Reasons Commercial gyms offer mock CrossFit classes:

1. We already mentioned before that there has been a serious change in the fitness industry. The emphasis is shifting from simply how you look to how you perform…and by the way, you still look damn good when you train for performance.

2. The “globo” gym business model is still behind these classes…charge a cheaper price, attract as many people as you can with that price alone, and pray that all of the people that sign up never show up consistently together. Their goal is to sell memberships. That is all. And that did not change with them opening up a functional fitness room or a separate building to run classes in.

3. Owners are rarely involved in the day to day, and most importantly, your health and well being. All that you are is a signature on a contract and a number.

Reasons not to take the Bait:

1. We did it first. We are the best at it. Period. Coach (emphasis on coach) led group functional fitness training IS WHO WE ARE. It is not some small branch of our business and never will be. This style of training and community building is not the focus of that other gym, and that will show in their program. We are, and always will be, everything that is CrossFit.

2. We want you to show up. Every. Single. One of you. Every. Single. Day. Why? Because we genuinely care about you and your well being from the top down. And when you are here, we know that every single health marker is moving in a positive direction.

3. Our owners are CrossFitters who run a business, not business people who opened a CrossFit (or insert any other fraudulent term that comes to mind) gym. They care about YOU first. They invest in their COACHES to ensure that they put the best product possible on the floor every day for you, to make you BETTER.

A cheaper price for “kinda like CrossFit” and other bells and whistles is admittedly appealing. But in this industry especially, the old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more true.

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