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Why do personal training/extra programming?

CrossFit classes themselves are essentially small group personal training sessions. It is an excellent and more affordable way to reap the benefits of having someone coach you through your exercise session, without shelling out an arm and a leg for individual personal training sessions. That being said, there are times where it is worth investing in some one on one personal training or an individualized training program. Here are some good reasons to consider connecting with a coach for some one on one work:

1.) If you are new to CrossFit and are having trouble with some of the movements. Working on technique in a one on one setting gives the coach an opportunity to focus solely on you and your movement patterns for the entire session to get you moving safely and more efficiently.

2.) If you have a specific goal or movement that you are dying to achieve. For example, muscle ups, your first strict pull up, kipping pull ups or toes to bar, double unders, etc. By working with a coach one on one, either via personal training or individual programming, they can tailor the program or session to fit your needs and get you closer to your goals faster.

3.) You are training for a specific sporting event. For example, a marathon, triathlon, weightlifting competition, etc. A coach who is familiar with you will be able to put a program together for you in order to put you specifically in the best position to perform well.

4.) You want to gain more strength/size or become better conditioned. A coach who knows you will be able to program addressing your specific weaknesses in order to improve upon them.

5.) If you would like to take your CrossFit ability to the next level by learning higher level gymnastics, more technical barbell skills, etc. Again, a coach familiar with you as an athlete will know what needs work and be able to implement that into your program.

All in all, us as coaches want each of you to succeed in reaching your goals. Personal training/extra programming is a great way for us to help you achieve new heights and more, in addition to consistently coming to class. If you are curious about these programs, or want to get started attacking one of your lingering goals, chat with a coach you enjoy working with and they will get you set up for success!

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