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I shall title this haiku "An Ode To Crossfit" 

47- frail
lift, run, community, joy
54 - strong, well

OK, for before & after may of had weight loss in mind, but clearly, I'm going in the opposite direction of that. I actually had a hard time even *finding* a before picture because pre-CrossFit, I was always cold and always wore baggy sweatshirts, like all summer long.  I gained 15 pounds since I started CrossFit, and that's got to be all muscle.  And isn't it funny how getting fitter has improved my posture?  That's weird to me.  I'm not saying I have great posture now, but its so much better.



I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary at CrossFit Souhegan!


Here are some things that have changed for me in the last year:

  • My 5k time has improved by 16 minutes.

  • I am no longer on the verge of needing cholesterol medication and have gone off my heartburn medication.

  • If the house were to catch on fire, I could carry my family out of it! Izzy overhead and Ryan deadlifted.

  • I’ve lost 30 pounds.

  • And maybe the most important fact of all, I’ve made so many new friends who make it easy to get out of bed at 4:45am to go do burpees. Even though burpees are my least favorite!



CFS has been one of the best decisions of my life. I love the community and how we are always encouraging one another.  CFS has changed me physically and mentally. I have a better outlook on fitness and not being afraid of food but using it to fuel my body.



Crossfit has taught me that everyone is on their own adventure. To not compare myself to others and to find the positive in every workout I do. That mental health needs just as much attention.That as I get older I need to work smarter and not harder. I Celebrate my accomplishments and respect what my body is able to do.



CrossFit Souhegan has helped in every aspect of my life.

As a former team athlete I was lost as to how to find a way to hold myself accountable for being physically active. Over time I had several workout buddys, however life, has a way of moving people, or changing priorities, so I lost those supports  The community I found in the box has been both supportive and demanding in all the ways I need to both draw me in, and keep me consistently present.

When I lost the support system of team sports or gym buddies I found myself battling depression/anxiety, both of which I have dealt with both unknowingly and poorly my whole life, at an even more intense level. That struggle coupled with what felt like a hopeless career, led me down a path of addiction. While the battle with my addiction, depression and anxiety, have been multifaceted, Crossfit, and coach Zach have given me a space where I am not only supported in that battle, but counseled and advised. This type of relationship could never have been fostered in the walls of any other "gym".

CrossFit Souhgean and Coach Zach helped save my life.

Oh, and I have lost a little weight too.


58 years old and recently diagnosed with osteopenia, JoJo Wadleigh knew she needed to make a change in her life. She took the advice of her daughter and joined the local CrossFit gym. 4 years later, she is fitter than she has ever been, off her medications, and competing among the best athlete's in her age group.

This is JoJo's story.


When I first started cf almost a year ago I was definitely out of shape. My left shoulder was always bothering me from tendinitis which has been a problem for the last ten years.I could not sleep well at all, also due to not eating well.


Growing up I have always been active from riding dirt bikes, training and competing with my horses. In high school I ran xc and set records at our home course . I was also on the wrestling team and was always in the gym training. I have had people tell me CrossFit is silly it’s dangerous, or that it’s a cult. It’s actually the extreme opposite. I have a great set of friends/family from my box. Eric and Sarah are unlike anyone I’ve ever met they are very passionate about their gym and that’s what I love the most.


To sum it all up I love the atmosphere in CrossFit Nashua/Souhegan everyone no matter what level you are on pushes themselves to the max. You break the typical ego’s no one is better no one is worse, to me it reminds me of the wrestling, team everyone wants you to do your best!! I can say that I have zero to no pain in my shoulder I sleep great I’m eating better and at almost 30 years old I think I’m in better shape then when I was 18. Thank you CrossFit!

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